Connect to SQL Server with windows authentication

I would like to know if there is not way to connect to SQL Server with windows authentication?

You’re supposed to be able to do something with Kerberos. In practice, most people just give up and use a SQL user.
If IT are insisting on Windows Authentication, create a linked server.
The linked server connects to your ‘proper’ database using windows authentication.
Metabase then connect to the linked server using SQL authentication.

@AndrewMBaines Forgive me on my lack of MS knowledge
It should be possible since 0.34.0, when the driver was updated to version 7.4.1 - see the referenced mssql-jdbc PR.

Sorry, didn’t realise it had changed. I still can’t make it work though! I’m getting ‘untrusted domain’ even when I specify the domain name in the connection string (and/or in the user name).
Other thing to not - the JDBC driver uses NTLM. Not good as it’s less secure than Kerberos.
My customers are all happy to use SQL login at the moment. If that changes, I’ll be switching them to Kerberos, not NTLM.
Other thing to note - the JDBC driver using NTLM doesn’t support encryption fully.

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