Connect two separate instance

I have a query regarding web deployment.
I have one instance n google cloud where meta base is installed.
I have another instance of erpnext n amazon aws.
Can I connect both of them ?
If yes then how?
Please guide

Hi @nivedita
So you have 1 instance of Metabase? Which is hosted on GC. And you want to connect to your ERPnext database, which is on AWS?
Yes, that’s possible. It doesn’t matter where Metabase is hosted, as long as it can connect to the datasource.

Thank you.
Connection established.

I have installed metabase in a gec server (server A) and successfully made a database connection .
Now after publishing the dashboard when I am trying to integrate it in erpnext application hosted in another aws server (server B) the dashboard is not getting displayed.
However I have an erpnext application hosted in server A where the dashboard is getting displayed properly after api integration .

What could be the issue . Please guide.

Post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And when you say “not getting displayed”, does that mean you see an error?
There’s no “api integration” integration for embedding, so not sure what you mean.

No error message . not getting any output in the frame.
I meant embedding only.

@nivedita Check the browser developer console for errors.