Connecting Amazon Redshift (Time out error)

Hi there,
I am trying to connect our Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse to Metabase, but I am not entirely sure I am using the right places to find my credentials (as I am getting a Timeout Error), so I was wondering if someone could point out where they find those sections in the AWS console?

Attaching the info I am referring to below:

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for the silly question!

Hi @ff9991
If you are getting a timeout error, then you’re likely either inputting a wrong host or port, or it’s blocked by firewall or not available publicly (VPC).

Hi flamber,

Thanks for that.

Could it be that I am inputting the wrong password as well or would it be a different kind of error?

I am assuming this should be the host link I should use, right?


@ff9991 The JDBC URL should contain all the information needed. Otherwise try another tool like
I have no idea where you find information on AWS, I don’t use it.

Make sure that you don’t have outgoing firewalls blocking Metabase - or network/DNS problems.

You should see a very different error if the username/password is incorrect.

Check Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs for more detailed errors.

Hi flamber,

Thanks for the answer.

Is it possible this is an IP whitelisting issue? Do you know where I can find that info within Metabase?


@ff9991 Unless you're using Metabase Cloud (IPs for allow-list), then you are in control of everything on your self-hosted instance, so I have no idea how or where you're hosting Metabase, or which IPs you're using.