Connecting Google Analytics, there is no type 'Other' when setting up credentials

I am feeling really stupid but this is driving me nuts! I must be blind.

I am trying to connect to GA and I have to choose Other…but there is no Other when i click the link provided.

It’s Dutch but I suppose that doesn’t matter in this case, it’s kinda obvious

I did it before a while back and then it did work! How on earth or where do I choose Other.

Without Other Auth code won’t work, it says I am using the wrong type, no matter what I choose


Hi @Japhy
It seems like Google has changed something - I cannot find “Other” either - but it’s still referenced in their documentation:
Try using “TVs or Limited Input devices”

But there’s a separate problem, which means that new GA connections doesn’t work, but we’re working on it:

Hi @flamber,

Thanks! Yes I noticed the documentation as well! I did try TVs but it won’t work.

I’ll keep an eye out for the fix

@Japhy I can make it work “TVs or Limited Input devices” - so what error are you seeing and where?

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@flamber I was pretty sure I tried TV but I must have tried Web application because TV does work.

My god I spent so much time looking for ‘Other’ , I am very happy it works now! Thanks a million!

Ps I just tried another google account and with that account I get this when I click the exact same ‘create credentials’…are they a/b testing or what? :slight_smile:

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@Japhy Perhaps, but not sure which one is the A and which one is the B. I am seeing the dropdown.

I'm trying to call the google analytics api. Locally, the web client credentials work. On google colab and gcp, the tv client credentials work. On aws sagemaker, none of them work.

The web app client credentials give me this message: Error 400: invalid_request Localhost URI is not allowed for 'NATIVE_DEVICE' client type.

The TV client credentials connects to the app initially but then ends up with this error messgae. This site can’t be reachedlocalhost refused to connect. Try:

Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

How can I make a call to google analytics api using aws sage maker?

@Anum You should ask in a forum related to AWS SageMaker: