Connecting Google Analytics, there is no type 'Other' when setting up credentials

I am feeling really stupid but this is driving me nuts! I must be blind.

I am trying to connect to GA and I have to choose Other…but there is no Other when i click the link provided.

It’s Dutch but I suppose that doesn’t matter in this case, it’s kinda obvious

I did it before a while back and then it did work! How on earth or where do I choose Other.

Without Other Auth code won’t work, it says I am using the wrong type, no matter what I choose


Hi @Japhy
It seems like Google has changed something - I cannot find “Other” either - but it’s still referenced in their documentation:
Try using “TVs or Limited Input devices”

But there’s a separate problem, which means that new GA connections doesn’t work, but we’re working on it:

Hi @flamber,

Thanks! Yes I noticed the documentation as well! I did try TVs but it won’t work.

I’ll keep an eye out for the fix

@Japhy I can make it work “TVs or Limited Input devices” - so what error are you seeing and where?

For reference: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber I was pretty sure I tried TV but I must have tried Web application because TV does work.

My god I spent so much time looking for ‘Other’ , I am very happy it works now! Thanks a million!

Ps I just tried another google account and with that account I get this when I click the exact same ‘create credentials’…are they a/b testing or what? :slight_smile:

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@Japhy Perhaps, but not sure which one is the A and which one is the B. I am seeing the dropdown.