Connecting Metabase to MVC SQL LocalDB

I am in development and running a LocalDB server (LocalDB Information). I have looked around, but cannot find any reference to another person attempting to connect to LocalDB. Is this even possible?

What am I doing incorrectly here? :slight_smile:

Database type: “SQL Server”

Name: “Whatever”

Host: “localhost”

Port: “1433” - I am completely unsure of this one

Database Name: (LocalDb)\v11.0

Database Instance Name:
Not a clue here. On the documentation, if states that “MSSQLLocalDB” is the default.

Windows Domain: “DOMAIN1”

Database Username: “”

Database Password: “Password”

If I run "sqllocaldb i v11.0, I get:
Name: v11.0
Version: 11.0.2100.60
Shared name:
Owner: DOMAIN1\
Auto-create: Yes
State: Running
Last start time: 9/22/2016 10:54:52 AM
Instance pipe name: np:\.\pipe\LOCALDB#FA2EB610\tsql\query