Connecting Metabase windows terminal with existing database

I just install metabase.jar on my windows computer, but I am having issues connecting it to an already existing database. Is there a way i can connect it effectively?

Hi @colt94
Which version of Metabase?
What do you mean by “existing database”? Are you talking about the internal metadata database or your data source database?
Which command are you currently using to start Metabase?

My company already has a database i work with. So just need to know how to connect my localhost to my company account so i can query data more efficiently.

Okay, you didn’t answer the question. I don’t understand which database you’re talking about - metadata or data source?
Not sure what you mean about “my company account”?

If you’re talking about metadata, then you’re talking about running multiple Metabase instances with the same metadata? It’s very important to run the exact same version of Metabase otherwise you might corrupt the metadata, so talk to your IT department.

If you’re talking about data source, then you would need the network information and credentials.

metadata. Thank you for your help, will contact IT.