Connecting to database error ssh key

Using the hosted Metabase, we are connecting to an AWS Postgres RDS database using an ssh jumper. It has worked for multiple months, but we are since today getting an error Unsupported key type (ssh-ed25519) in key .
Did something on the Metabase side change or how can we restore connection?
Thanks already in advance.

Hi @holger
Your instance was likely upgraded to 1.41.1 from 1.40.5 today, but it is using the same SSH client, so I'm unsure why you're seeing errors.
I would recommend reaching out via the email

Thanks for checking and letting us know. We changed our billing information, is it possible that this issue was caused by something related to that, and if so, what would be the fastest way to resolve this, as well?

@holger I just replied to someone via support, which sounds like the same problem as you. So have them check their mail.
It is definitely not a credit card problem - we would shutdown/suspend the instance with a message, not try to do cryptic networking errors like this.
If the problem just started ~8 hours ago, then it's caused by an upgrade.

@holger But perhaps there were upgrades of RDS at the same time? I know AWS is pushing a lot of upgrades, so double check that, since it can be difficult to debug many different things at the same time.

We have checked our connection and are pretty confident at this point that the issue is on the Metabase side, can we please revert to 1.40.5?

No need to revert at this point. We made some tweaks to go around the issue and Metabase is working for us again. This will likely still require a fix on the Metabase side (re-enable ED55219 security, which currently is not working).

Please let us know once ED55219 is enabled again.

@holger Please only use support. The instance is being restored right now. Too many people in too many channels.

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