Connecting to Druid

I am trying to setup metabase to talk to a vanilla installation of a druid cluster.
The druid cluster is setup on the same machine and the wikipedia example is loaded on the cluster.

I am able to run the sample druid queries without any issues.

I have added the druid cluster as a datasource in Metabase Admin.
when i try to create new question, I select Druid but metabase asks me for a table name. is there a document or howto that i can refer to,in order to connect druid with Metabase

It sounds like it’s connected. Are you seeing the druid database in the query interface?

Please see attached screenshot. I am unable to create a new question

Are there any tables in the data model tab of the admin panel?

Try manually syncing (pressing the “Sync” button on the database entry you get by clicking the database entry at /admin/databases/)

Druid does not have the concept of tables.

DataSources in druid are analogous to tables. (See

What data source are you ingesting into?

i am just trying to use it with the wikipedia test datastore