Connecting to our own API

We have developed a platform which can be accessed via an API.
It is possible to create dataconnectors that connect to our API or does your platform only connects to databases?

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Hi @Dirk
There's currently no REST-API driver: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
So it would require that you made your data available in one of the supported databases:

Hi Flamber,
Ai, this issue is open since 2017, slight change that it will see the light of day anytime soon?
I assume that data can be added to a locally held (on your platform?) database via this dataconnector?

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@Dirk There's 2000+ other issues. I cannot give you a timeline for that. If it was easy to implement, then someone would likely already have done it by now.

Metabase does not "hold" any data. It makes queries to your databases and visualizes it.

Might be worth you taking a look at Progress' JDBC driver for REST API. It would be easier to add that to Metabase as you'd only be working with the JDBC side of things. Progress do an SDK too.

I've been doing a lot of work with REST APIs recently with Metabase and other reporting tools. Big limitation is always the potential volume of data. It's easy enough to bring back a few hundred records, but if you're looking at transaction trends over several months or years, nothing can cope with the volume. That's true of the Progress JDBC driver too (and it does some clever stuff!).
As you have your own REST API, you would be able to do something on the back end. I've ended up having a integration layer fetching new records over the API on a schedule.