Connection 1 dashboard filter with 2 different Field Filters in one question

Hi! Please help me to connect one Dashboard Filter (Date type) with two different Field Filters (both are Date type) in one question. I have created Question using Select from two different tables (identical date interval) and using Join right - operator. This Question is true and working right.
And I want to connect both this Field Filters with one Dashboard Filter to better usability. But I can’t.
Is it possible?

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Hi @AlexKov
That’s currently not possible, since you cannot connect a dashboard filter to the same card multiple times.
You can likely create a single Field Filter in a sub-query and then have that return the correct result set.
But it’s probably a lot easier just to use a simple Date filter, which you can manipulate a lot more.

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Thank you very much! I can use a simple Date filter in my question and dashboard. But in this way I can’t use “All date options” - “Previous … days”, “Before”, “After” and other - but this options are very usability

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@AlexKov Then you need to make some trickery with a Field Filter in a sub-selects and right-join that to your parent select.

Thanks! Can i read about this or see example in some documents?

@AlexKov It’s kinda similar to trying to get around the limitation of table aliases, so have a look at some of the issues related to that:
But in general, simply replace the {{fieldfilter}} with the SQL table.column BETWEEN '2020-01-01' AND '2020-04-01' and then it’s just a regular query, not related to Metabase, so you can search any forum dedicated to the database you’re using for help.

Thank you! Have a nice day!