Connection between MS Dynamics - Metabase

Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone has ever successfully established a connection between MS Dynamics CRM and Metabase.

When I try to establish a connection to the MSD database via SQL server I fail with the following error message:

Login failed: Request is not authenticated. RequestId: TDS;cd2ff0be-9348-4286-bf93-3bb76759e2f7;1 Time: 2023-11-23T08:30:10.2694359Z ClientConnectionId:cd2ff0be-9348-4286-bf93-3bb76759e2f7

I can successfully establish a connection to a normal onPremise SQL server.

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unfortunately I haven't seen this with our users, sorry

If you create an ODBC connection in Windows, with the same settings, does it work? ODBC is much more forgiving than JDBC so will let you work out if the problem is login or ports or just not possible.
You've no database name either - is that intentional?