Connection String H2 and CSV Connectors

There is no content in the chapter for H2 and CSV Databases.
My metabase Server is installed on Windows 2k12R2. I think the problem is the backslash in the path.
Can anyone help me with the connection string for CSV and/or H2 databases?

Hi @lexa
Metabase is an Java application, so you need to reference the H2 with forward slashes:
file:C:/Metabase/h2 (without the .mv.db extension)
For reference:

CSV is a third-party driver, so you’ll need to check the instructions on it’s repo:

Thank you, but always:

I think in case of Windows OS it has to be “C:\Metabase\h2data”

@lexa What is the actual full filename (including all extensions) of your H2 file?

The filename is h2data.db (c:\Metabase\h2data.db)

@lexa H2 needs the file extension .mv.db, so rename the file to
And then you can reference it with file:C:/Metabase/h2data.db

:clap: Thank you! It works!