Connection to Athena via AIM role

Hi there,
I am able to connect to Amazon Athena from DBeaver using this trick:

  1. Do your normal AWS login process to refresh your credentials (in our case, we use okta + gimme_aws_creds for this).
  2. Go to driver properties on your DBeaver Athena connection and set:
  • AwsCredentialsProviderClass to com.simba.athena.amazonaws.auth.profile.ProfileCredentialsProvider
  • AwsCredentialsProviderArguments equal to the name of the profile you want to use (see ~/.aws/config to see which profiles you have) – we use “default”.
  1. Test Connection and it should work.

(from Using Athena From DBeaver with your IAM Role / Profile | Coding Stream of Consciousness)

How can I use the same approach in Metabase?

I think you posted in github, but just for reference, if you created your lake with lake formation, please check the last item Amazon Athena