Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!

So updated to 0.32.8 and now I cannot access my dashboard, Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database! appears.

I’ve followed the troubleshooting and I can connect from the same machine to the same AWS RDS instance with sqlpro. Even more, I created a new database within Metabase that’s exactly the same and I can connect and make queries.

It feels like the old one is corrupted? I have all my dashboard set there so I’d like to retrieve it. I have a backup but I am unsure on where to put it now since I cannot find the potentially corrupted file. In the docs it says it should be in the same folder from where I executed Metabase the first time, but that’d be Mac’s Applications folder and it’s not there.

Any clues?

Which version did you upgrade from?
So you’re using the Mac application? Then the metadata H2 file and log should be located in ~/Library/Application Support/Metabase
Can you check the log for further error information - I think the connection details might have switched to SSL encryption during the upgrade somehow.
Check the log file or via Metabase > Admin Settings > Troubleshooting > Log.

Awesome, thanks for this.

I checked the logs and needed to add “trustServerCertificate=true” into the db options.

The log specifically indicated the following:

May 15 19:57:07 INFO metabase.driver.mysql :: You may need to add trustServerCertificate=true to the additional connection options to connect with SSL.

I had no faith in this fixing it since the other instance of the same db had absolutely no issues to connect. But who knows! It works now :slight_smile:


PS: I believe I was updating from 0.30.* but can’t be sure.