Convert druid sql into native metabase json query

How can I convert druid SQL into native son query for Metabase, I tried using explore the query and got the results in JSON but when I paste that I was not able to retrieve any data.

Please help us.

Hi @druidMetabase
Metabase does currently not support DruidSQL - only Native queries. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

hi, @flamber thanks for the reply. Sorry got a little stuck with few stuff. Wanted to check with you, I am trying to access embedded charts in metabse which I am pretty much successful in doing. But the thing is that when I access it from iframe then I can only access it in the Mozilla browser. It doesn’t let me do the same with the chrome browser.

Is it a cross-origin issue? if yes how can it be rectified?

Let’s continue in a new thread: Can't access the embedded charts from chrome browser but can do from mozilla