Convert number to date


I have one problem I can not solve.
How can I convert numbers to date?
For example:

In one table months are specified as numbers like this:
3, .... etc


Now I want to convert those numbers to dates. For example:

1 should become January 2023
2 should become February 2023
3 should become March 2023, etc...

Like this:


How can I do that in Metabase?
Help would be really appreciated.

Best regards.

There are a few ways:

  1. use a custom column with a case statement
  2. use column remapping Metadata editing
  3. join your question to a SQL question that does the column equivalency

I already tried that, but the thing is that when I try to add 2 separate question in dashboard on same graph (series) I do not see another question to add...
So my logic is that I can not add one to another or vice versa is because on x axis there are 2 different values...
Does that make sense?

So is there anything else I can do?

Assuming it's a number, you can cast to a date like this in the query:

select ('2023-' || 1::varchar(2) || '-01')::timestamp

That's Postgres syntax. Just replace the 1 with your field name.
Might be easier in a view if you're using it multiple times