Convert text field to numeric to allow to summarize by the numeric field


I have a field with values indicated as a percentage (100.00%). The Editor does not allow me to summarize by this field since it considers this field as a text field. I tried to use an expression in the custom column section of the editor: = regexextract([variable_success], "[0-9.]+") to convert the percentage to a numeric value.
Inspite of doing this the editor still does not recognize this field as a numeric field indicated by the inability to summarize by this field.
Looking for help to resolve this issue.


Can you check the Admin -> Table Metabase and check the field type there? ... Also check the schema type

If the value is 100.00% my guess is that the field type in your database is a text type and you will need to remove the % and cast it as a number

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your response. I checked the schema and the data type is Text. Will Insight allow me to change the data type from Text to Integer or do I need to update the back-end template from text to Integer?

You can create a view that does the pre-processing and leave everything as is then use that view?