Copy question from 1 collection to another. same database but with different tablename

I want to copy a question from one collection to another. The database connection will be same in all the question, but want to dynamically change the schema name part.
I want a way to do it using api because there will be many different schemas and need to do it programmatically.

For example.
Original Question query
FROM organisation_1.programs

Destination question query
FROM organisation_2.programs

Notice the change in the schema name.

I tried exploring the copy method thru api, but all i got is copy dashboard.
Please suggest.

thanks for the help in advance.

Hi @abhiec
There's a duplicate question API available in 0.39 - check it out in your browser console to see how it works.
And then you would have to update that duplicate with the other schema.

Hi @flamber,
Thanks for the reply.
but i got like 20 different schemas, so i have to copy this 20 times. So i was just looking for an automated way where i can pass the schema name and collection name variably. i can pass these variables thru python but i need the api format or example thru which i can do this.

Thanks again.

@abhiec That's currently not possible for security reasons: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post