Correct use of Metabase MySQL dump for migration

I use MySQL as Metabase Application Database and try to migrate my existing dashboards from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04 Linux.
So I export Metabase MySQL dump from Windows to deploy all internal Metabase settings to Ubuntu 16.04 Linux.
When I deployed that dump on Linux, I occured problem that Metabase just sees database without data and no dashboards and questions and users exept Admin.

Are there some specific things of data migration?
Because I just create dump of all tables and deployed it on Linux MySQL. MySQL version 5.6

Operating system: Windows 10
Operating system #2: Ubuntu 16.04 Linux
Metabase version: Metabase 0.27.2
Metabase hosting environment: Windows 10, java version “1.8.0_131”
Metabase Application Database: mysql-5.6.38-winx64
external Data Storage: Druid (Imply 2.2.3)


I did exactly this yesterday, though Windows to Windows.
I use MySQL Workbench to dump the database. Did you miss the option to script the data as well as the design?
If that’s what you did, run it again, but select Data only. Then you can add the data to your empty database,

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