CosmosDB support

Hi team,

Can Metabase connect to CosmosDB? I have searched but not found.

Any help would be much appreciated.


If cosmos supports any of the protocols that we support, then yes


Did I accidentally post on Stack Overflow?

You didn’t, but I could have easily answered no and I tried to give you a possible solution. Cosmos is a Frankenstein built by the Microsoft team that does many things and they say they support lots of protocols. If any of those are the ones we support (Postgres for example), then you can use it

I understand what you are saying.

Let me rephrase my question. Has anyone successfully connected CosmosDB to Metabase?

Customers we know of? No, probably someone here on the forum might know

That's what I am hoping for :slight_smile:

If not, I will just stage the data in Postgres first, but a direct connection would save me a hop, hence me asking.

If it was my company I would put everything on a Postgres. The simple reason is because every time a customer uses a fork of something that says it’s “Postgres compatible” (with notable exceptions like cube or crate and others), there are issues. If you want to play safe: use Postgres

I hear you - but kids today love their nosql. I've had to adapt to the needs of my younger co-workers.

Well, then tell your coworkers to use MongoDB, not FrankensteinDB