Could add any table to Data Model


I’ve started to use Metabase recently and now have some problems with building data model. Actually I coudn’t add any table to model.

MB connected to Oracle DB through JDBC driver.

Hi there. Could you give me the following information?

  • Your browser and the version: (e.x. Chrome 52.1, Firefox 48.0, IE 10)
  • Your operating system: (e.x. OS X 10, Windows XP, etc)
  • Metabase version: (e.x. 0.23.0)
  • Metabase hosting environment: (e.x. Mac app, Elastic Beanstalk, Docker, Heroku, Linux/Ubuntu 12)
  • Metabase internal application database: (e.x. H2 (default), MySQL, Postgres)

I have same problems.
Chrome Versão 61.0.3163.100
Metabase version v0.26.2