Could not locate metabase/driver/oracle__init.class

I'm new to supporting Metabase. The person supporting it left the company.

Users are getting this error:
"Could not locate metabase/driver/oracle__init.class, metabase/driver/oracle.clj or metabase/driver/oracle.cljc on classpath."

Upon reading some documentation, someone suggested to make sure file ojdbc8.jar was in the plugins folder, and it is.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated.

Alex Deux.

I'm in version 0.44.6

Hi, we suggest you take a look at Working with Oracle in Metabase

Also, please make sure that the permissions at the operating system level are ok so the JAR can read the driver

Thank you.
I believe it was related to permissions.
After reading documentation and trying to understand how it works, I got the latest Oracle JDBC driver and put it in the plugins folder, but that didn't help.
Then I gave the plugins full permissions to the system account and now it worked.