Count of rows between two columns

I've got a list of names in 2 separate columns. I need to count the number of times a name occurs in each column. How can I do this with the question editor?

Thank you for the help. You all are amazing!!!

Hi @paintbb84
I'm not sure exactly how your structure is made, but you'll first need a list of all possible names and then you can join in the tables and summarize by distinct count.
It will be a little messy in the GUI compared to how you would do it in SQL.

I like that! I didn't think of starting with the user list first (which I have in a table). I'll give this a shot. and see what I can come up with. If you have any pointers or tips to keep me straight in the GUI, it would be appreciated. My SQL game isn't where it should be.

@paintbb84 Perhaps you can decipher something from this, but I don't know your table structure:

I have a table of users. The other table I have has those users, but they can be in column A or Column B. I need to figure out the total number of times they show up in either column.

I appreciate all your help. I'm going to have to let this percolate in my brain for a while. I'm stumped.

@paintbb84 Then mentally change People=Users, summarize by ID=Name. Change the join Orders="other table" on Name=colA. Do another join of "other table" on Name=colB.
Distinct rows of first "other table".colA, and distinct rows of second "other table".colB, grouped by Users.Name.
That should work - messy. If not, then go with SQL.

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