Create a Landing Page after login

Hi Team,

How to directly take all the users to a dashboard post login ?

It will be like a landing page . After that User can go anywhere.

If you pin a dashboard in the My Analyics collection, it appears on the front page after login:
I use it for a Read Me, but could be any dashboard(s).

Yes this I know. But can we see the graphs also here? What I am thinking is I may change the redirect after auth line on the source code to a specific dashboard. The user will be seeing a landing dashboard at the beginning.
That should solve it right?

Can you please also help me identify the exact set of skills required to customize metabase? I would then hire a resource for other customizations. This one I think I can do it myself.

If you change the link the users use to connect, to (for example) https:///dashboard/2 they’re taken to a dashboard after login.

For customising, take a look at the documentation on the various bits and bobs involved. (There’s a lot of stuff to do).

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