Create custom columns results in not find others columns

Hey guys!!

I've created a chart to see the number of Sales and amount of Item Quantity sold per week.
So I have a sum aggregate column in my question, and the mouse hovers over the chart it shows "sum."

I can have a turnaround option for this, creating a custom column.
But, if I do that, I will no longer see the other columns on my dashboard to relate them to some filters.
An example using custom columns (with the labels right)

Not using custom columns (labeled "sum")

I created an ETL to use this data as a simple question, but this Label problem kind of ruins it because my chart will be very confused with the label "sum" and "sum_2" :confused:

can you post diagnostic info? I think you're seeing Custom Column after aggregation causes dashboard filtering to be very limited · Issue #19744 · metabase/metabase · GitHub