Create Dynamic table with Drag and Drop fields

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Today I feeling of the feature: Dynamic Table in Metabase.

For example: We should be have the feature to user create the Dynamic Table using the drag and drop from fields using the defined dimension to he create the your data out with columns and line defined from user, more less like image attachment below.

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Hi @edimar
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It looks like you're asking for Pivot Table, which has been available since 0.38.0:

Hello @flamber, it is Pivot Table I use in my app. But it is possible to final user do drag and drop and create the table in real time, using the dimension defined for dev? Anything look like with image below:

We have the tutorial how to create this one model from image?

Thank you!

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@edimar If you're asking for drag-n-drop from a table view, then no, that's not part of Metabase. When you have your table and change the visualization to Pivot Table, then Metabase tries to auto-guess where to place the fields. You can then drag-n-drop those fields in the visualization settings.

Ok @flamber, understand! Thank you.
I would like to put available to user in one Dashboard the Pivot Table to user do your table using the drag and drop the same way that we like user to do. I would like that the final user create your table in dashboard after that I delivery the dashboard for him.

More less this one.

Thank you.

@flamber I would like put available this one below to user in my dashboard public, for him to do the manipulation from fields in panel.

I would like put available anythings like that in my Dashboard public:

It is possible?

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@edimar Just like with any other visualizations in Metabase, they cannot be changed via dashboards.
The users would have to make changes via the question.

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Now it is clear @flamber!!

Thank you for help me!

If the Metabase allow the sharing public of the a question and allow that user can edit (drag and drop the fields pre defined in Pivot Table) the questions using the Pivot Table go to be fantastic.

Thank you.

Hello @flamber it is possible add this one feature?

For example: To be possible share into app embeded or share public question with a Pivot Table to final user drag and drop fields to create your scenario?

Thank you!

@edimar I doubt it will be added, since that would require adding editor parts to places, where it's currently not included. And if someone makes changes there and refreshes, then those changes would have been lost.

Ok @flamber, thank you for your feedback!

I would love this feature too. It would be so awesome.