Create fields from a JSON column

Good morning,

I'm using JSON columns in a database to track some custom information.

I know how to access the contents of these columns in SQL.
However I would like to simplify my life by using the interface to create questions.

I can't directly access JSON data in UI.
In fact one day, I must have managed to do it (see screenshot below).

But I don't know what to do anymore.

I looked everywhere but couldn't find a way to do it. I must not have the right search terms.
I even used ChatGPT which answered me surprising things :smile:

Do you know the method to create fields from a JSON?

(I use version 0.46 of metabase on our infrastructure pointing to a POSTGRESQL database)

when you say "create fields from a JSON", what do you want to achieve? those fields "structure->name", "structure->ID" are all fields created from a JSON

Indeed the fields "Metadata -> Structure -> ID" are data that can be in the source column "Metadata".

I will take an example:

I have multiple rows in my table with possible different data in the metadata column.
This metadata column

Line 1

  "structure": {
    "id": 12
    "name": "Google"

Line 2

  "source": "web",
  "event": "click"

Can you use a view in your Postgres to create a column based on your json if a key exists?