Create Sum for Google Analytics variables

Hi, I am trying to create a sum for UserType but have been unsuccessful. Is this even possible? Below is a screenshot of my values and what I would like to total. I would like to have the number visual and show the total number 910. Let me know how I could do this. Thanks!

Hi @awilliams8
I don't think I understand. You use the Summarize sidebar and unselect the Group By, which is currently has "User Type" select. Then you get a single number without the breakout.

Somehow it doesn't give me the correct number (see below). Would this error be in Google Analytics?14%20AM

@awilliams8 It's because New and Returning have overlapping users. I don't use GA a lot, so I'm unsure which metric you should use instead. Perhaps GA shows it more clearly in their interface?