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Hi there, guys!
Back there in the 0.29 version, or something, we used to have a “Created by” near each question. That was, from admin point of view, very useful - now it is gone. The only way to see who created the question is by either checking on the activity field, or, for older ones, go for the metadata (either h2 file, or SQL).

I really miss it. Is it by design that it has been removed? Does anyone know something about it?


Hi @lucas.lima
Doesn’t Revision history give you the details you need?
Or are you missing it from lists in collections, or …?

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Actually, I haven’t thought about that. My bad. That does solve my immediate needs alright.

Still, I was refering to be able to see it just under the question name when browsing through collections, like it was previously. I think I miss it partly because my users tend to over-create (if that does even make sense) questions, saving one time queries, and such.


I think the problem with either Created by or Created at is that it doesn’t really say anything about changes, so if someone creates a question in 2018, but another person totally revamps that question in 2019, then that’s not reflected.

There’s no golden line here - while I agree with having more information is better, having a clean interface is important too.

You can check how many times a question has been used in the metadata - even which user has created it - and you could probably do so questions not used for X months will archive it with the API.
Statistics like this is actually part of the Audit feature of the Enterprise Edition.

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I see your point, and it totally makes sense.

And, by the way, that is a very nice feature to have on the Enterprise Edition.