Creating a complex filter with question builder

Hey guys,
I am currently facing a problem in my metabase dashboard.
I've set up a filter in a SQL query that looks like this:

[[AND ((
FROM UNNEST(group_ids) AS group_id
WHERE group_id IN ({{group_filter}})
) > 0)]]

What im doing here is unnesting the group_ids which is an array of ID's to then being able to filter for them. The filter works for single ids (e.g. '2032') but also for multiple (e.g. '2032,2003..)
The problem is I have a chart in this dashboard that i built with the question builder, (I cannot build it with a SQL query because I need some question builder functionality) for this chart my filter doesn't work.

Does anyone have an idea how I could achieve the same within the question builder?

Thanks in advance,

You can't since the question builder doesn't support arrays. You can try to do something with custom filter expressions:

But i cannot think of a good expression to work your case