Creating A Daterange For Multiple Columns

I have a query that looks something like the following:


	//Some rows to select

FROM Table

		//Some rows from TableA
	FROM TableA
	WHERE TableA.StartDate BETWEEN {{StartDate}} AND {{EndDate}}
) AS SubqueryA

ON Table.A_id = TableA._id

		//Some rows from TableB
	FROM TableB
	WHERE TableB.UpdatedAt BETWEEN {{StartDate}} AND {{EndDate}}
) AS SubqueryB

ON Table.B_id = TableB._id

While this functions, I'd like to have a DateRange like used with field filters with a rolling default date range on multiple columns. I was looking around and couldn't find anything on the docs.

Could anyone point me to any good solutions or feature request pages? I couldn't manage to find much related to this

if you want to use defaults I would use something like optional clauses

@Luiggi I'm familiar with optional clauses. It's more that the only non-FieldFilter date object is a single 'static' date. Whearas I'd like to have something akin to:

WHERE TableA.StartDate {{DateRange}}


WHERE TableB.UpdatedAt {{DateRange}}

Where DateRange is a singular date range that looks at the previous year. Or a field filter where I can select multiple DateTime columns from different tables.

@nick-sbp Field Filters generate SQL that you cannot control, where it references the table.
You would have to have another lookup table, which contains all dates, which you then use later on example via a CTE. It will become a lot more complex than using single Date filters.