Creating Benchmarks via dashboards

Hi All,

I work in an operational production function and we use metabase to track our daily output goals. We want to be able to put in target goals so that our teams can see what they are working towards everyday. So if we have a bar chart counting how many boxes we’ve picked today - there would be a bar next to it for the total goal of the day.

Does anyone have any idea how I can accomplish this?

You may be able to do something in your query like:

SELECT total_num_boxes_picked,
       30 AS todays_target
FROM boxes

I believe that will leave you with a constant of 30 for todays target which should get graphed alongside total_num_boxes_picked

In 0.20 you’ll be able to add goals to dashboard cards. You can already do that in individual cards in v0.19.

Click on the chart settings in a chart and go to “display” and toggle “show goal” as below –

Hi Sameer,

Thanks for responding. Do you know what version I need to be running? Im running v0.19.3 and don’t see it in the display options.

Great that this is being added!

Oops. You’re right. It’s actually in 0.20.

It happened early in the new version development and I assumed it was in 0.19. My bad.

Is there anywhere I can find a release schedule?

We try to put out a release every ~6 weeks or so. We don’t specify a specific release date, as some features take longer than others.