Critical issue with custom fields? [IGNORE, SOLVED]

Sorry for jumping the gun on this one, but it turns out that you need to clear any column selections in the “Customize this table” view in the settings first by hitting the “Reset to defaults” button, before the custom columns become visible.



Hi all,

Not one to raise a fuss without trying everything else possible first, but I was able to create custom calculated fields in 0.23 without a problem (we need to subdivide a column in seconds into mins, hours and days for demographics purposes).

It seems that the UI has lost the ability to display these custom columns. Moreover, when formatting the appearance of the columns in the “settings” widget, these new custom columns no longer appear. When converting the question into an SQL query, i got the same effect. Nothing is wrong with the generated syntax, as I was able to run the generated query out of the box in PGAdmin 4 without a problem.

An additional peculiarity is that any question i created in version 0.23 seem to have retained the custom fields, but i cannot add any more to them, but no NEW questions display the custom fields, although they seem to be saved in the SQL. The database is PostGres 9.4 in a multitenanted (multischema) scenario. Here’s one of the queries causing the problem:

“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“replenished_at” AS “replenished_at”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“product_vdmsid” AS “product_vdmsid”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“product_name” AS “product_name”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“outlet_name” AS “outlet_name”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“oos_time” AS “oos_time”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“machine_name” AS “machine_name”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“id” AS “id”,
“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“duration” AS “duration”,
(“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“duration” / 60.0 / 60.0) AS “Duration (in Hours)”,
(“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“duration” / 60.0 / 60.0 / 24.0) AS “Duration (in Days)”,
(“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“duration” / 60.0) AS "Duration (in Mins)"
FROM “T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”
(CAST(“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“oos_time” AS date) BETWEEN CAST((NOW() + INTERVAL ‘-7 day’) AS date)
AND CAST((NOW() + INTERVAL ‘-1 day’) AS date) AND CAST(“T625”.“machine_oos_qualified_view”.“replenished_at” AS date) IS NOT NULL)
LIMIT 2000

  • The lines in bold are the generated custom fields.
  • All custom fields in questions made PRIOR to 0.24 still display in version 0.24
  • All custom fields in questions made PRIOR to 0.24 allow the columns to be disabled/positioned in 0.24 in the settings
  • Any custom fields in questions in 0.24 are saved, but not displayed
  • Any custom fields in questions in 0.24 are not visible as entries in the settings widget

Any ideas? This is fairly critical for us as we are reliant on these reports in real-time.

Thanks in advance.