Cropped line chart when adding additional data set


I would like to combine three graphs into one.

However, when I add the third data set, it crops my charts to the right and adds dozens of years in the past on the x axis with no data points.

In this case I want to combine the three charts on top into one. The first two work fine. But when I add the on the right, it messes up the chart.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.
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Hi @Max1
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
One or more of the questions are returning a unix timestamp value (year 1970) somewhere.
You can likely fix it by changing from Timeseries to Ordinal in the visualization settings > Display > X-axis scale = Ordinal.

Hi @flamber
Thank you very much for your response!
It worked. That made it definitely much better.
However, now it shows these random numbers on the right.
Do you have an idea on how to ditch those?

Thank you very much!
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@Max1 One of your charts is actually including results that has these numbers. You would have to look at each question. Alternatively, you can filter out any data that is before 2000 or after today.

@flamber Thank you.
It is totaly possible, that my data includes some weird numbers which aren’t supposed to be there.
But I thought with the following query I would only include data from the past 5 years…

@Max1 Yes, that looks correct, but you'll need to do that for all the questions.

@flamber. I did. On their own all three graphs look good. Only when combining them, these other data points seem to appear…

@Max1 Strange. Try changing all the questions to "X-axis scale"=Ordinal.
Then try removing the combined chart on the dashboard and create it again.
And make sure you're using the latest release:

@flamber. Thanks again.
I did as you suggested. I changed all x-axis of all three questions to “Ordinal” and then rebuild the chart.
But it still looks exactly the same…
And I am already on the latest version v0.42.2

@Max1 SQL Server should return a string for DateName, so when I mock something similar, then I'm not seeing any problems. There must be some returned values somewhere. You would have to look at the rows being returned in the requests /api/card/:id/query

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@flamber As you can see in the first three pictures, each query results in a normal looking table without any abnormal values. However, once I combine them into one chart, it shows me these weird numbers on the x-axes (picture 4).

@Max1 Yes, like I said, without seeing the actual data results from /api/card/123/query, where 123 is the question ID, for each question, then it's hard to tell what is going on. I cannot reproduce.