CSV download from signed embed dashboard doesn't get captured in query_execution table

Hello! I checked Github but didn't see this issue reported. We are using Metabase to do signed embed dashboards in an application. We want to be able to track our customer's usage of the downloading CSVs from the dashboards that are embedded. When I'm in Metabase itself, if I trigger a CSV download from a question in a dashboard, I observe that a row is added to query_execution table in the internal Postgres database with context = 'csv-download'. However, when I trigger a CSV download from a question in a dashboard that is embedded, no such row is added with context = 'csv-download'. Is this a bug or perhaps a CSV download from an embedded dashboard is just categorized with the umbrella context = 'embedded-dashboard'? Is there any way I can measure how many CSV downloads were triggered from the embedded dashboards? Thanks!

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The result_rows column in query_execution table shows the number of records shown/downloaded.
If this number is more than 2K (10K for aggregated questions) then you know that this was a export action.

This logic doesn't capture the exports that are less then 2k rows, but still could be helpful depending on your use-case.

We are facing the same issue, how can we measure CSV download for embedded dashboards/cards?
Did anyone succeed in doing that?