Ctrl (or Cmd)+F on page should work for longer list results

Very simple bug report/feature request:
OBSERVED On Chrome on my desktop, I create a basic query with 293 rows.
I want to check that a certain result appears in the list, as a form of confirmation that the list is as expected, before I export this full list.
I search for a string e.g. “jo” by using Cmd+F.
The Chrome search box tells me there are only e.g. 3 results. I use the Chrome search box to navigate through these results. The number of results actually varies after I’ve reached the last e.g 3rd result.
I also see that before I navigate to the next portion of the list, none of the next matching strings were highlighted in my list of results.
To summarize, it seems to not catch some that are below some kind of pagination.
EXPECTED On Chrome on my desktop, I create a basic query with 293 rows. I search for a string e.g. “jo” by using Cmd+F. I see the correct number of matching results:

  • either, if Metabase still uses the Chrome default search, the total number of matching results on entire page including entire List of query results.
  • or ideally, Metabase has its own internal search for list results, like Google Sheets, Airtable etc. which pops up using the usual Ctrl+F / Cmd+F shortcut.
    This will allow me to perform the quick check that specific rows are included in my query list as expected, and then export the list, instead of: having to filter the query on the extra search terms, run that, do my check, and then remove those filters to then export the full list.

Hi @Vaite
The way table results are generated in the browser, means that Ctrl+F would difficult, since it has not actually created all of the table, but only creates it, when it comes close to viewport.
Unless the library that Metabase uses for showing tables got replaced, then I don’t see a way for this to be possible.
The easiest way I know of, which also guarantees that you’ll find all matches, is to download the resultset as CSV/JSON and open that in your favorite text editor and search there.

Thanks @flamber. That’s currently the “easiest” way, but it’s still harder and longer than what Airtable or Google Sheets do with their custom Search bar.

Replacing the browser-based search with something that Metabase controls, that could be an option.
I haven’t seen any requests for such a feature, but I would recommend that you create one: