Custom Actions Feedback

Finally got this working. Bit of feedback:

  1. Stop hiding stuff! To get to the actions, I have to select the model, select 'More Info', then select 'Model Details', finally it's under 'Actions'. Needs to be easier to find.
  2. Why on a button? I'm hoping to use the actions as part of a data quality dashboard. I want the users to be able to set the status of a task to 'completed'. To do that, I need to ask the user to first click a certain column in the required row to filter the dashboard, then click a button. Why can't I just define the action on a row or cell?
  3. Need more! My user has clicked the button, the row is no longer displayed. I want them to be sent back to the original dashboard or to clear a filter value to show them all the records. Can we have clear/set filters and custom destinations on the actions?
  4. Conditional visibility. I only want the button to be displayed if there is only 1 record.