Custom avatar per table cell / dashboard label

We would like the option to add a custom avatar/icon for each cell in the tables near the text content, and near labels in charts.

For example:

  1. For column containing app name, I want the app favicon to show next to it, like so:
  2. For widgets (questions), we want an option to show icon next to the label in the chart.

Where will we get the icon url from?
That's up to you and the options you have, it can be taken from one of the columns of the table that will contain a URL of the icon, however we don't want to expose our icons globally, so do you have other ideas?

What do you think?
Omer and Island

You can add a link to the image in a row via a custom columna and then format Metabase to show that row as an image

Thanks, but that's not quite what I meant-
We want the image to be in the same cell of the content, next to it.
Also, in charts there's no option for image on the labels..