Custom charts and graph


It will be wonderful if we can use a library like this (in javascript) specialy to to embed charts.

I thinks it’s very hard to custumize graph and charts

Hi @gsterk
You kinda can do that - just instead of using embed, you would get the data with API and use ApexCharts to display it.

Thks for your quick reply flamber,

You have right to embed a question,but when i design a dashboard with metabase, how can i use this library (apexchart) in my embeded dashboard ?

If you want to manage all the graphs at a detailed level, then perhaps Metabase is not the right choice. Maybe would be better?
Metabase is focused on the end-user and trying to empower them to get data, which is normally only available to database administrators and programmers.
So if you want to use a different chart library, you would have to use the API.


Ok, but with API, can I get all raw data of all questions of a specific dashboard in metabase ?

Yeah, that’s how Metabase works - it actually uses the API to pull all the information.
You can check all the endpoints here:

ok so /api/dashboard/:id give me a list of question id
and then /api/question/:id give me the data ?

GET /api/dashboard/:id will return all the cards on that dashboard and then you’ll POST to /api/card/:id/query to get the data.
Check your browser console’s Network-tab when browsing around in Metabase for hints on which endpoints to use.

OK thanks for your help.

I am going to read carefully the API doc.

:clap::clap::clap: Great post!

I am very impressed with the many possibilities of Metabase!

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