Custom columns error in version (possible bug)


in our brand-new productive installation of Metabase (, creating a custom column always results in the following error: “Must be a valid instance of one of these clauses: :field-id, :field-literal”.

I was able to reproduce the error using the “PRODUCTS” table in the sample data and a very simple custom column formula " = [PRICE] * 100". Up to version 0.36.4 the formula works just fine. With version 0.36.5 and the creation fails with the error mentioned above. All tests were done using original docker containers without changing anything in the configuration.

Thanks for fixing this issue!


Hi @stefan1234
No idea how that wasn’t caught by some of the many tests. I have created an issue. There will be a fix Monday. Please downgrade until then. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks for your quick turnaround!

Hi @flamber
I have seen that the issue will be fixed in 0.36.6 (, thanks! Any indications on the release date of 0.36.6?

@stefan1234 Please downgrade to 0.36.4 until there’s a new release. It was a busy day yesterday, so we didn’t get a release out, but hopefully today.

0.36 is out now and works. Thanks for the quick fix, great support!

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