Custom Druid Driver

Hi! I want to write a custom driver for Apache Druid to query data via sql-like syntax.
Druid provides endpoint for querying its data with Avatica JDBC driver like this:
and Apache Superset connects to Druid with this connection line:

I just want to know it is possible to write such a driver and whether I will be able to write queries and use variables as a result. I dont have any practice with Clojure yet and want to know if I should spend my time for this.

Hi @Palamariuk
Yes, it should be possible to write a driver for that. But it will likely not be easy, so if you don't have any experience with Clojure, then it's probably going to be hard. I would recommend that you look at the other drivers (including some of the many community drivers), since you might be able to copy a lot from them.

Thank you @flamber
I found wiki page about custom drivers ( but it looks like some chapters are missed.
Do you know where I can find any documentation about it? I think Chapter 7: Writing Drivers for SQL-Based Databases that have a JDBC Driver is exactly what I need

@Palamariuk The best way to learn is to look at other drivers. We're still working on updating the documentation - also worth a read:

And all topics in