Custom Expression does not persist after visualize or save (it disappears)

I am attempting to create a custom expression in summarize and use in a pivot table however, the custom expression is not persisting (it disappears) after I create it and select visualize or save. I can briefly see the column with the data I need in visualization but disappears! Also, how can I remove grand totals? See attached images.Thank you!



Hi @ccerrillo
It sounds like you are seeing this issue, which is fixed in the upcoming v44.1 coming next week:
If you are using the Pro/Enterprise, then please use the support email.

Great, thank you! What is the specific release date for the upcoming v44.1 update? Also, what is the support email address? Thank you. @flamber

@ccerrillo Within the next couple of days. You can find the support email address via Admin > Troubleshooting > Help, when using the Pro/Enterprise (or ask the people maintaining your Metabase).

Perfect, thank you! Found the support email as well. @flamber

@flamber We've upgraded to v44.1 but this doesnt seem to have been resolved. Can you confirm please? Thank you.

@ccerrillo Contact support and include "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and what the column type is of "Loan Amount".