Custom expression with filters

I have an SQL database with loans (loan #, date, branch, officer, amount requested, amount approved and amount funded, etc) I created a custom expression that counts amount approved with greater than zero divided by counts amount funded with greater than zero to get a percentage of a funding ratio. I get the number but I can't seem to find a way to attach it to the filters I have on the dashboard. The number is static. Is there a better way to accomplish what I want? I want to be able to see what the funding ratio is filtered by date, branch, office, etc.
appreciate any help.

Hi @afanaras
Number filters are currently not supported for GUI questions, but it's something that we're working on adding in upcoming 0.42 (coming in a couple of weeks).
You would have to use SQL question with variables until then.

Thank you for the reply,
Actually, none of the filters work even the no numbers, if you look at my screenshot the funding ratio of 39% doesn't allow me to add to any of the filters and stays the same. Not sure how to do the SQL questions (one of the reasons I love Metabase is that I am allowed to create with limited programming knowledge)

Since I already have the three questions that work with the filters and show the data, is it another way I can grab that data from those graphs to get what I need?

How can I have the number of "Loan Type" (11,793) divided by "Funded Loans" (3937) to get the "Total Funding Ratio" and the same with "Approved Loans: (5395) divided by "Funded Loans" (3937) to get the "Approved Funding Ratio"?
Really appreciate any help.
Thank you

@afanaras Depending on where your Custom Column sections are added, then you're likely seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
Or perhaps you haven't set the Field Type to "Category":

Trying my best to learn metabase definitely a newbie.
So I went back and created two more columns in my database "Approved Loans" and "Funded Loans" with a Yes or No data. Still, can't figure how I can have a question that divides those count totals and gives me a Funding ratio; one that filters on the dashboard control as well. Is there a way I can do it? any suggestions on how I can make it work?

Again, not very well versed with custom designs/programming, any help will be greatly appreciated.

@afanaras It's a little too abstract, but try making a Custom Expression like
CountIf([Approved Loans], "Yes") / CountIf([Funded Loans], "Yes")
See more here:

I got an error "Function CountIf expects 1 argument"

@afanaras Yeah, syntax is CountIf([yourcolumn] = "some value") - please read the documentation, so you'll learn how all the functions work and see the different types of functions.