Custom Fields aren't working with SQL Server

If I try to create a custom field with a SQL Azure (hosted SQL Server) database, I get “Input to expression-with-name does not match schema: e[0;33m [(named (not (map? nil)) arg0) nil] e[0m” as an error.

I can reproduce it with a custom field ‘Month2’ = month, which is just an int.

I’m seeing this on v0.34.3. Any fixes/workarounds for this?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @scott9676
Looks like you’re seeing this issue:

That looks like the issue. I wrote a brief note on the ticket. If there are any logs or other details that would help to track down the issue let me know and I’ll send them.

@scott9676 If you can figure out a way to reproduce this problem, then that’s always the best. Otherwise good logs are helpful too.

I imported the schema, then renamed the database in Metabase because the table Names start out as something like CompanyMonthlySales was being renamed to weird stuff like Companym Onthlys Ales. I changed it to something like Company Monthly Sales and then the error happened when I tried creating a custom field with the calculation in it.

I can reproduce it at will. Which logs would you like? I could potentially do a screen share as well. It’s running as a standalone JAR file on a Lubuntu VM talking with a SQL Azure DB while we kick the tires on it.

@scott9676 If you can provide full steps to reproduce, then please do so in the issue, since it will help a lot, when developing the fix: