Custom Filter using "LIKE"

Hey Guys,

I want to use LIKE in a native Query in a Custom Filter.

The Idea is, that a User of the Query doesn't have to know the Complete name of the Customer.

So he should be able to search for "Flex" instead of Writing the Complete Name stored in the Database.

I tried it with standard SQL Syntax in many differend styles, but nothing worked. Than I Found this old Discuss Topic:

like "%"{{referrer}}"%"
LIKE CONCAT(’%’,{{variable}},’%’)
LIKE ‘%’ || {{text_variable}} || ‘%’
LIKE ‘%’||{{variable}}||’%’

I tried them all, they don't work for me. Latest Post is from Nov'19, so it is possible, that it doesn't work anymore like this.

But I where not able to find something in the Docs, maybe somewone of you can Help?

Thx Guys

Hi @Thomas165
Have a look here: