Custom Mapped Values Not Available with SQL query?

Version: 0.43.0
Database: MySQL

Issue: In the Admin -> Data Model page I am using custom mapped values for one field in a table. I noticed that when I use the QB these custom mapped values do indeed show up, however, if I use SQL to query this table field, the original values appear. Should the mapped values be appearing or not? I would like that they do.

Actual Behavior: The original values appear in the SQL result.
Expected Behavior: Custom Mapped Values appear in the SQL result.

Hi @pjhaberman
Everything you do in Admin > Data Model only applies to GUI questions.
If you want to do remapping in SQL, then you have to do that manually. Metabase cannot parse SQL.

This used to work for me in Version as you can see below

However, in 0.44.0, the dashboard filter insists to take the original value (0,1 or 2) instead of mapped value (mapped in Metabase Admin > Table > Column > Settings > Custom Mapping) as you can see below

@christian-wiloejo Completely different question, but upgrade to 0.44.2