Custom Metadata in Metabase

Hi everyone,

My team is working on connecting BigQuery to Metabase, we have some custom metadata as description on each table. Now, the team want to see the descriptions in metabase. Is this possible in metabase? if yes, how can we achieve this? Please help me out.

Thank you.

Metabase should automatically sync that description when you connect the Database but i don't think new updates are propagated.

Have you considered using the API to populate the description for metadata?

Thank you.

Using the API, there is no option in the UI for API Key generation. Is there any other way of using the API?
We are using the Open Source version of Metabase. Could that be the problem?

You should be able to find an API key in the authentication tab just make sure to upgrade to 1.49.5

Thank. I will try and get back to you.

Thank you TonyC, it worked like a charm..

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