Custom number of days for trend visualisation

I have a custom SQL query to count "sessions" between two dates, and am trying to create a trend visualisation to show comparisons the previous periods counts i.e:
For a full week:

So all good so far.
But when I try to set the date range to just 3 days i.e.:
There is no comparison:

Why is this? Users of my dashboard must be able to choose whatever date range they desire, so I can't just stick to exact week/month etc. I'm using version 0.45

Hi @dmellor
That's currently not supported: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
By the way, there's no 0.45 (yet) - latest release is 0.41.6:

Hi @flamber - thank you very much for your instant reply! (woops - I did mean 0.41.5 :blush:)

Noted - much appreciated.

@flamber is there a way of hiding the text "Nothing to compare" ? That way I can have a trend when possible but it doesn't look odd when not possible.

@dmellor Currently no, the Trend visualization doesn't have that many configurations.

Ok - many thanks!