Custom remap inconsistency

Hi there, guys!
One of the smartest features I’ve seen in metabase is the custom remap. But I’m finding a rather odd behaviour:
I have a column mapping the “departure bus company”, and another one mapping the “return bus company” - both of them linking to the same table, to the very same column. Yet, one of them is correctly mapped, whereas, for the other, the original value is shown, regardless of the remapping. I’m running metabase 0.31.0.

Have you ever came any issue related to this? I’m thinking of opening a new issue.

That sounds like multiple Foreign Key issue - right? I know I’ve stumbled over a couple of issues containing something very similar to this, but I can only find this one posted last week (which very likely is a duplicate):

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That is exactly my issue! Thanks, couldn’t find that by myself. Upvoted that.

Remember to click the “Subscribe” button on the issue, so you get notifications - in case it gets closed as a dupe, then you can follow progress.

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