Customer cohort and retention analysis



It would be really useful to have a function in Metabase that allows to define customer cohorts (for example based on a list of customer IDs, emails or first order date) to calculate retention rates and subsequently determine customer lifetime values.

Is anything like that planned for the near/medium term future?



+1 - this would helpful for us, too. Google Analytics is just not accurate enought…


+1 that would be great!


Is there update re:Customer cohort…?


Latest is that the graphics for showing it has come pretty close:

With respect to the calculations AFAIK there’s nothing built in. But how to do the calculations in SQL are pretty easy to google … - so with a bit of work on your end I’d guess you are 95% there.


We’re working on implementing retention/churn analysis (and related concepts such as LTV) via x-rays in the coming releases. The majority of the work will probably be done in time for 0.33, but I’m not sure if it will be fully exposed by then. If you search or GH there are a couple of issues around it with being currently the closest to a root ticket.

One thing that would be immensely helpful is if everyone who is interested in this feature would share with me the shape of data you’d like to have churn calculated on.


Cohort and churn analysis is typically visualized with the chart like in this thread. Scroll up to the top of the page to see the chart in orange.